Email service

Just get started and see results with best email marketing service

A convenient editor

Our drag and drop email editor allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking templates for your emails.

Ready-made templates

Over 100 ready-made responsive lay out templates, and designs will make creating emails fast and simple.

Responsive emails

Any email that you create in the editor will look good at any screen resolution, and any device.

From bulk sending to unique mailings

Smart form-filling

Set replaceable text fields in your emails based on the information that you have about your recipients.


Address your customers by name, insert any information you have about a recipient in to your emails.

Sending emails

We offer a fast and reliable SMTP server for your e-mails, with highly reputable IP addresses, as well as analytics after you send out your mailings with detailed reports on how many recipients are opening your mails and clicking on your links.

А/В testing

Test out several versions of the subject or body of your emails and send out the version that received the best results. That email will be the most effective.

Automated sending

Just set up a whole series of emails once, and our automated sending will ensure that they are sent out when someone subscribes, after a recipient has clicked on a link, or after any other trigger that you specify.

Email scheduler

The bulk mailings that you create can be sent out when they are created, or they can be scheduled for automatic sending on a certain date or time.